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Giancarlo Gioielli Jewelry Factory is a professional large-scale manufacturer of all types of fashion jewelers, integrating development and production together. Our main products include Diamond and Gold jewelries o Neclace, Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Bangles, Diamond Watches, etc. Our Company was established in 2004, and we have many years of history in the Diamond and Gold industry. Located Dubai, we enjoy convenient accessing the worldwide market and customers.

Our Factory employs more than 100 workers; through the efforts of our entire staff, we have become a leading and successful jewellery manufacturer. To improve product quality, Moreover, we use top-of-the-line Italy ultra technology, giving our company good technical capabilities.

* Any Customized orders will be entertained by the professional designers and experienced workers.

* Well equipped factory to accommodate any large amount of demand and orders

* Professional approach towards the business yo attain the customer satisfaction

* Well trained and molded team to full fill the requirements of the staff within the short period of time

* MOREOVER the TRUST we get from our existing customers and clients will prove our Core value.

Repairing* Jewelry repairs are needed to any types of jewelry. If your ring thin or breaking, gemstone is loose in the mounting, stone replacement. Ring, Pendant, Bracelet/Bangle, Cufflink chain 1000 AED, earring 200 AED, Necklace 400 AED (additionally stone price can be applied)


Change the size and make it more appropriate. 100 AED (additional gold price will be applied or can be returned back)

Laser Solder*

It is a metal alloy with a very low melting point that you heat up with a soldering gun and place molten metal on the two parts you are soldering together. Any type of jewellery 150 AED

Polishing + Rodium Would you like your jewelry to be smooth and shinning?

Ring 100 AED, Earring 240 AED, Pendent 160 AED, Cufflinks 160 AED, Bracelet / Bangle 220 AED, Necklace 400 AED watch (stainless steel) 750 AED, Watch (Gold) 2,000 AED.

Engraving Leave a memorable message : Laser engraving any script any symbols at an any type of jewelry 120 AED.

Watch Repairing Diagnosing fee 150 AED and additionally the price for the parts will be applied..